2013 Year in Review

What a great year 2013 has been! Here’s a look back to some of my favorite memories:

The biggest accomplishment, becoming homeowners!

ImageOur beautiful house is now painted blue and not that ugly shade of light pink.

Celebrating Uno’s one year adoption date.


Being part of two of my best friends weddings.

ImageImage I now have two beautiful purple dresses!

Visiting one of my best friends in Madison.


We met another family from the KC area, so had to take a picture!


Best group of friends ever!

Running the Warrior Dash, the Hospital Hill Run, and the Kansas City Zoo Run for the Penguins


Warrior Dash, Travis was happy when this one was over!


Hospital Hill


Run for the Penguins!

Attending my first gay wedding (Love you Ronnie and Chris!)


Watched a great group of students graduate from BHS and starting teaching a fun, new bunch. (They sometimes give me headaches, but I still love my job)


Helped my brother move to St. Louis


spent a good amount of time playing the dog while the boys did the heavy lifting


Dad and I rode the train back to KC

Camping with my hubby in South Missouri


We only took one picture the whole trip…hints why Travis only has one eye.

Cheering on the Bearcats to another Division II National Championship


Semifinal game in Maryville, watching the goal posts come down


National Champs! Can’t wait for until next year when the game will be here and not in Alabama!

Thanks for the memories 2013! Bring on 2014! Happy New Year’s Eve!


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