New Piece of Old Furniture

Being new homeowners, Travis and I have acquired a lot of new furniture. However, the one we added today is definitely been my favorite so far! My grandma has this neat 1940’s radio and I asked if I could use it as decoration. The homeowner before us had one in the front doorway, but since this one is a little bit bigger, we put it in the living room. Of course, Travis and I originally wanted to get it back into working order, but once we opened it up to take a look, we realized that was probably not going to happen. Travis decided to gut it (we still kept all the old insides incase someone thinks they can make it work for us 🙂 ) and are plaining on buying an up-to-date radio to place inside of it. Even though it probably will never work like the good old days, its just a really cool piece of history to have in our home!



Travis did take some serious dusting spray and polish to make it look this nice again!


One thought on “New Piece of Old Furniture

  1. Awesome! I’ve always wanted one of those! Nice clean up job, Travis. Glad you kept the insides. Sammie, our great grandfather, John Sorenson, would have known exactly what to do with that — he had a TV-radio repair shop! 🙂

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