Rachel and Sean’s Wedding

This weekend, Travis and I got to be a part of our very dear friends’ wedding.


I first met Rachel when we were randomly assigned to be each other’s roommates our freshman year of college. I was very nervous about having a random roommate selected for me, but it was one of the best decisions I made! I urge all incoming freshmen to get a random roommate because at worst, you put up with a weirdo for a while and at best, you find your new best friend.


This was taken just a few weeks after school started. Our friendship started very quickly.

I have some wonderful memories with Rachel because we were roommates for 3 years. Our first week of band camp, we didn’t go to bed before 1:00 AM because we were up talking all night. Our favorite game as freshmen was, “Top 5 Hottest Guys in Band”. Second semester of our freshmen year, we made “super bed” which means we lofted our beds and put them right next to each other. It was originally a joke we were going to leave for a few days, but it ended up sticking the rest of the semester. It made our nightly chats so much easier.


In our room freshmen year, pre super bed. We are with our other friend and future roommate, Rachel S.


Sophomore year halloween, Spice Girls! Ginger spice is MIA for this picture.

I am so grateful for my friendship with Rachel and even more grateful that I got to watch her and Sean’s relationship grow. Sean was also a math education major, so I had a few classes with him before him and Rachel started dating. He was always the nicest guy and I owe my differential equations grade entirely to him. They started dating a few months before Travis and me did, so the four of us would often double date while in Maryville and still get together for dinner now.


PMA formal

They are such a perfect couple and I can’t wait to see where their future goes! Congrats Rachel and Sean!



The one window I decorated on their car and Travis adds his true feelings about marriage to it


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