One Small Step to Going Green

I could definitely use some pointers in the “going green” lifestyle. It is not my forte, but I’m doing small things that will hopefully add up.


Today for lunch, Travis and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant, China Wok off of Barry Road. They have great, abundant food and excellent, cheap lunch specials. With tip, we both eat for $12-$13 dollars. I also have never eaten my full meal there and always get a to-go box. However, they never give me a to-go soup container for my leftover egg drop soup, so I thought, “Why don’t I bring my own soup container?” I’m sure you could just ask for a soup container and they would more than happily give one to you, but bringing my own to-go containers is a very easy way to reduce trash. Plus, we only get two trash bags a week with our trash service, and we really try to keep it to just one (since that second one will be needed for children in the future). 


My grandma’s friend, Betty, does this and it is such an easy way to take a small green step!


And now I have delicious lunch ready for tomorrow!


I also couldn’t help but put an adorable picture of Uno up today! He has been super cuddly since summer started! I love my snuggle bug!



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