Hospital Hill Run

I’m sure I’m just like the rest of you when I say I try to put my best foot forward in my Internet appearance. I’m sure you read this blog and assume I am a wonderful cook, great wife, and the world’s best doggy mom. I am going to share a story with you today that shows one of my failures and how not perfect I am.


I have run the Hospital Hill Run 3 years now. In 2010, I signed up to run the half marathon distance, but ended up having to back out because I took a summer job. In 2011, I signed up for the half marathon distance again, but ended up bumping the distance down to the 10K because I was planning a wedding, graduating, and job hunting, so training didn’t happen. Last year, 2012, I wanted to run with my hubby, and he wanted to do the 10K distance. So this year I told myself I was finally going to train and run the half marathon. 


I started the year out strong, running almost every day of Christmas break (of course my off days were the days it was snowing). Then, we had a little confrontation with a neighbor at our apartment complex and running alone outside was no longer an option. So I took a running hiatus until March when we moved into our new house. I was finally able to get out running again, but as you would image, the life of a teacher/grad student gets pretty busy in the months of April and May. So once again, I found little time for myself to actually get out there and run the long distances needed to train for a half marathon (I was able to run shorter distances pretty frequently, but really nothing over 3 miles) I got in very few loooong runs in the past few months. Plus, the million and one inches of rain that have fallen in the past month didn’t help!


So last night, I’m lying in bed, thinking about this half marathon that I somehow need to complete in the AM, and getting pretty stressed by it. Then I remembered, “Hey, my mom signed up for the 5K but isn’t going to do it because of another commitment. I could just take her bib!” But then I thought, “No, you signed up for the half and said you where going to do it, so you need to.” This debate went on for a good hour (just ask Travis). I didn’t want to wimp out and take the easy route, but I also didn’t want to hurt myself. 


This morning, I woke up and decided it really was in my best interest to do the 5K and not the half marathon. I was pretty embarrassed by this decision, but my final rational was I want to cross the finish line of my first half marathon and really feel like I worked hard for something and accomplished a goal, and not, “Do you think my dad could carry me to the car?” 


I consider this a failure because I really do try to follow through with the things that I say I will. I know this race sells out pretty fast and I know a lot of other runners would have liked that spot. However, I did run the 5K pretty hard and had a lot of fun doing it! I have never done a race at the 5K length before (besides the warrior dash which is a little different), and I am definitely going to do more of them. Seemed like the right distance for me!


Sylvia did such a great job!

And now for a funny story: They were handing out beer after the race, but of course you had to be 21 to get it. The bibs all had a tab with your birthday on it, so the workers could easily identify those that were 21 years or older. I am older than 21, however, my bib said I was my mom’s age. I got a funny look when I handed the lady my birthday beer tab that said I was 30 years older than I really am, but she didn’t question it!


Another plus, I got to watch my husband, my dad, and my best friend all cross the finish line! In previous years, I have had family and friends at the finish line and throughout the course to cheer me on, but this year, they were all running it. At first I missed the sideline support, but it was much more rewarding for me to watch them cross the finish line! Major advantage of taking the shorter length. 


Dad’s first hospital hill


My hubby did great!


My BFF is a BEAST and did the 10k! She’s amazing 🙂

So long story short, I was not proud of myself this morning. I learned to be realistic when I sign up for things and consider a timeline before saying, “I’ll do it”. I would still like to do a half marathon at some point, but I don’t think one in early June is the best timing for me. Maybe September?


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