My Amazing Volleyball Team

Last night marked the end of the recreational volleyball league in St. Joe that I played in with a few co-workers and friends. 


We have played in both a coed league and an all women’s league (I prefer all women’s). I had a fantastic time playing with these ladies and making some new friends (we did have two others on our team who couldn’t make last night’s game). We ended up taking forth in the league. Not too bad considering we have never played before and typically only played with 5 players. Looking forward to playing more with these girls at  Volley’s (sand volleyball) this summer and starting back up in indoor in the fall!


This is one of the primary reasons I love my job so much, I have amazing co-workers with whom I love spending my time with! Of course, I am there for the kids, but it really makes the job a lot easier, and much more enjoyable, to have such great co-workers!


How do you and your co-workers have fun? If you don’t have any kind of social interactions with your co-workers, I highly suggest it. It really does make the working environment so much more fun! 


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