His and Her Chairs

Since Travis and I have bought our house, I have learned one thing: I have no decorative style. I just pick things that I like and hope they all go together. 

However, Travis and I knew one thing we wanted when we first started furniture shopping, his and her chairs. Travis picked a very masculine, leather, wingback chair and I picked a sleek, geometric, blue-patterned chair. And hopefully to tie everything together, we picked out a grey, tweed couch with patterned pillows. We looked like crazies carrying color swatches and patterns to three different corners of Nebraska Furniture Mart to make sure everything would look good together. Of course, my girl chair had to be special ordered, so after a month of waiting, its finally in!



I think my girl chair is pretty fantastic and Travis sure enjoys reading in the man chair! They may or may not “go” together, but we definitely got two chairs to match our personalities. I like to call them our Up chairs. 


Of course, as Travis and I sit in our chairs, our little 13 pound dog gets the whole couch. 


Any decorative tips? I would love to hear about them!



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