Wacky Wednesday!

Today could have easily been a very stressful day. However, I am slowly learning how to “brush things off” and “go with the flow”. 


We have an incredible theater arts teacher at Benton and every year the theater I classes put on one-acts during school. I originally didn’t think my classes would have time to go, but my first hour BEGGED to go see it. I made them promise they would work really hard for the 20 minutes before the play and the 25 minutes after the play (which they did), and we went. One of the best decisions I have made in a while. I had around half the cast in my class this year and they were fantastic! I love seeing my kids doing things outside of my classroom. 


We then went into lockdown during CAMP. See here for details (http://stjoechannel.com/fulltext/?nxd_id=342552). We ended up in CAMP for 3 hours because we also decided to serve lunch during CAMP (since we were in lockdown for majority of 3rd hour). My first thought was, “man, my third and fourth hour white are going to be behind!” But then I got thinking; If first hour could take time out of class to go to the one-act play, my other classes would be fine. I let go and enjoyed my last extended time period with my senior CAMP (their last day is next Thursday). We talked about graduation, the future, and watched funny youtube videos. I am really going to miss those kids. Fantastic group!


I hope everyone has had as an eventful yet fulfilling day as I did! Now to grill and enjoy this weather!


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