Teacher Appreciation Week

That’s right folks! You can make your cards out to Mrs. Payne! Just kidding, but seriously, thank your teachers, kids’ teachers, friends that are teachers, etc. It really does make a teacher’s day to get a compliment, let alone a thank you. 


I would like to share with you all some of my most memorable teachers. My first would be my second grade teacher, Mrs. Doll. She was the first teacher I had that made me want to become a teacher. She was a teacher that taught with passion. As I reflect on my own teaching practices, I noticed that Mrs. Doll had incredible parent involvement. It was second grade that I most remember seeing my parents and grandparents in the classroom. 


Next would be my sixth grade math teacher, Mrs. Kincheloe. She was the first teacher to recognize my strength in mathematics and push me to be better, not just good enough. I can also admire her because she was a very strong support for me when my mom was going through cancer. She was going through a similar experience as my mom and was still willing to eat lunch with just me so we could talk. 


The high school teacher I had that was most memorable to me was my German teacher. Foreign language was my weakest subject, so the fact I when up through German III should say something about the teacher. She was a teacher that taught from experience. She always had a story to tie in to make the day worthwhile. Everyday had a purpose; none where wasted. 


The college professor that stood out to me was my American History teacher (I don’t remember how to spell his name, but it was pronounced Dr. Free). I hope I teach with an ounce of excitement that he taught with. I have never had a teacher that was so passionate about his subject. He seemed to teach with no lesson plan and would just start discussing with us where ever we left off the day before. 


Travis and I enjoyed some Chipotle to celebrate tonight (buy one get one free with a teacher ID). We were originally just going to get dinner (which would mean only one of us would get a free dinner). Travis came up with the brilliant idea that we should both get 2, so could both take advantage of the deal and we would have lunch for the following day(s). 


So I got vegetarian tacos tonight and carnitas bowl for Thursday and Friday lunch (pizza provided from PTA tomorrow)! Can’t get Chipotle without the gauc! 


What teachers to you most appreciate? Have you told them about it? Make their day 🙂


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