Sweatpants Movie Date

There are two things you should learn about Travis and me. We love movies and we love sweatpants. For those of you Kansas Citians who are looking to save money, here is a great tip: AMC movies before noon on Saturday and Sunday are only $5. BOOM! Money saved. Regarding the sweatpants, once we put them on, they don’t come off. And we put them on the second we get home from school. 


Travis and I wanted to see Iron Man 3 this weekend. Me, being the money cruncher, wanted to wait until tomorrow morning, but Travis, the Superhero Nerd, wanted to go tonight. We haven’t been to a Friday night movie in over year, so I gave in. We saw Iron Man in our ugly sweatpants on a packed Friday night. 



Movie=amazing! I grew up with a comic book geek for a dad who has successfully converted my husband into one as well. I may not be the most savvy superhero fan, but I think I’m a pretty knowledgable female. Iron Man is probably my favorite Marvel superhero because his super powers are that he is smart, rich, and has a fancy pacemaker (still praying for a stand alone Hulk with Mark Ruffalo though). I hate to spoil movies for others, so just know that Pepper Potts was probably my favorite character of this movie! Lots of action and lots of laughs. Robert Downey Jr. is by far the most attractive man in his late 40’s (sorry mom, Johnny Depp just looks homeless). And as all Marvel movie goers have learned, stay through the credits!


Seen any good movies lately? I would love to hear about them!


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