What I do for a living

Another very important aspect about my life is my occupation. I currently teach geometry at Benton High School and next year will be teaching AP Stats as well. I absolutely love the kids I work with, the staff, and the school! If you are curious about what it would be like to be in Mrs. Payne’s Geometry class (I know, I have such an intimidating name), here is a look into some of the more exciting assignments we have done!

ImageWe did this assignment at the beginning of the year to review graphing lines and writing the equations of lines. Students had to graph lines with certain characteristics, then write the equations of the lines they graphed. As you can see, the students could make any design they wanted. This project was modified slightly from one that my amazing cooperating teachers that I worked with at Liberty High School did while I was student teaching. 


This was a pretty simple assignment, but probably one of my students’ favorites. They were to design a stain glass window using the different types of triangles. The flamingo one in the middle is AMAZING. The brilliant Mr. Knight came up with this one!


We took a short tangent during our similar figures unit to talk about fractals! So of course, we drew some! The kids like the challenge of seeing who could make the smallest triangles (I’m sure you can tell the triangles are getting smaller and smaller the further into the drawing you get). 


We recently finished our unit on 3D shapes. One of the assignments we did involved us finding the surface area and volume of the shapes above. One of my classes (with 6 students) finished the assignment pretty quickly, so we had a little “minute-to-win-it” challenge and saw who could stack the tallest tower. 


I promised you its not all coloring in my classroom. Trust me, my kids get math worksheets too, but why not make it more interesting? I’m sure you all act the same way towards math that Uno does:


Just keep in mind that children listen. When you say your not good at math, it gives them an excuse to not be good at it either. Please, embrace education, in its many forms, with our youth today. Your nursing home self will thank you later 🙂


Now that I’m sure you feel inspired, go learn something new today!


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