Birthday Weekend

This weekend was full of birthday celebrations! First we celebrated Uno’s adoption day and birthday. We got him a year ago today, but we don’t know his actual birthday, so we decided to celebrate his 6th birthday this weekend! Of course, we took Uno to get his favorite treat, frozen custard!


Uno chomped down his dessert in about 30 seconds and spent the rest of his time begging us and other people for their custard. 



We also celebrated my brother, Calvin’s, 27th birthday this weekend. His actual birthday is May 10th, but he will be traveling in Europe over his birthday, so we celebrated as a family tonight! We went to Outback for some blooming onion! Afterwards, we went back to my parent’s for ice cream cake (which by the way, my brother has had THE SAME ice cream since I can remember, Oreo ice cream, chocolate cake, from Baskin-Robbins). 


If any of you would like to hear the true nature of my husband, here is a story for you: After we were finished eating at Outback and got in the car to go to my parent’s house, Travis says, “and the real surprise is in your purse”. I open my purse to find the salt grinder from Outback!


That sneaker put the salt grinder in my purse during dinner without me noticing! Needless to say, Travis and I spent the rest of the car ride home laughing! Thanks to Travis, we now have a sea salt grinder!


I hope everyone had a great weekend and is rejuvenated for the coming week!


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