Warrior Dash

Well, more like the Warrior Walk for the Paynes. This is the second warrior dash we have done and look forward to doing it again next year! We just hope for a little warmer weather and a cleaning station at the end with water pumps that actually work  🙂  If you have never heard of a Warrior Dash before, it is a 5K mud run with obstacles. Here is our before and after picture:


Travis does NOT look happy after running the warrior dash!

It started out with about a mile run which we did pretty good with.


Then we did all kinds of obstacles for the following 2 miles. Here are some of them:


This was one of the easier obstacles. The ladder part that we are walking on is chains.


After doing warrior dashes, I have learned I’m pretty good at climbing cargo nets! Training for when I go on (and win) Survivor.


A fire jump, or the warrior roast, that I enjoyed because of the warmth. I wanted to stop and dry my clothes over the fire.


And the last obstacle was everyone’s favorite: muddy mayhem! We had to crawl/swim through muddy water while dipping underneath barbed wire.


Still smiling though! As you may have noticed, my hair did turn itself into a side-pony because it got caught in the barbed wire. Of course, my warrior was there to help me get untangled!

We ended up walking the middle portion of the race since not everyone in our household was as serious about training (I’ll let you guess who that was). There was one obstacle that Travis and I both thought was one of the more fun obstacles that we had to wait 20 minutes to do! It is called the vicious valleys. You had to climb up, over, and down wooden mountains using cargo nets and small stepping blocks. With that 20 minute wait, it pushed our time to around 1 hour.

Our least favorite obstacle: the mud mounds! 3 huge mud mountains with valleys filled with muddy water! Hardest part was getting over the mounds without slipping back into the water valleys!

Of course, we are always thankful for my parents who are willing to drive us, take pictures, let us sit in their cars, and open our gifts before us!


I hope all the other warriors had fun out there today! Warrior Travis is taking a nap with Warrior Uno, and I may be joining them shortly.


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