Tour of the Roasterie

My best friend had one the cutest favors at her wedding of KC Roasterie coffee. 

After that, I have been obsessed with the Kansas City blend of the Roasterie coffee. The closest place for me to pick up my own coffee was to go downtown to the factory. While I was checking out their website, I noticed they did free tours, so of course I signed up! And signed up my best friends and hubby! 

They have a photo booth and we couldn’t resist. 


The tour itself was really cool. I expected the factory to be bigger than it was; it’s amazing how much coffee they process in this small space! Plus, we got a free coffee sample with some delicious coffee! 


They also have a cute (but very small) event space. It’s got the industrial look and is a blank canvas to decorate to your liking.

You can’t go to the roasterie without getting a drink! I went with caramel latte. Seriously delicious! Just a hint of sweet. 

If you are visiting KC this tour (and the boulevard brewing tour just a few blocks away) are great FREE things to do! 


Happy Hour with the Girls at Swirl

A new wine bar called Swirl opened up close to my house and I knew it would be a prefect place to hang out with the girls! 

It is such a cute bar! Really fit my style of a bar. 

     We all got a flight with white wine. 

It had moscato, riesling, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay. My favorites were the moscato and the Pinot Gris. Great place for a happy hour with the girls! Their happy hour deal is a dollar off everything. These flights were originally $12, so we got them for $11. Plus, it’s within walking distance of some great restaurants! They do have small plates, but we were hungry enough for a full dinner. 

We walked over to Luna Azteca for Mexican. After that, we sat outside and girl talked. I love my best friends! 

Lunch at Malay Cafe

Yum! Travis and I have had some great success with our new restaurant week and this one is definitely a winner. We went to Malay Cafe off Barry Road. They serve yummy Malaysian food. 

Before even ordering our lunch, they brought out some soup. It was a spicy (but not hot) vegetable soup with crispy wontons. 


This soup has a great flavor! 

We both ordered almond chicken because it seems to be their speciality. It came with a green salad, rice, fried sweet potatoes, and a curry puff. 

This chicken is insanely good.  I expected chicken with almonds mixed in (like a cashew chicken) but no, the almonds were literally part of the breeding. Crispy almonds, tender chicken, and a sweet sauce to go along with it. So good! 

My favorite of the sides were the fried sweet potatoes. They were fluffy and not over sweet. 

The rice absorbed all the flavors so well and the curry puff added some nice spice to the plate. 

Overall, a MUST go to. Plus, it was a very reasonable price, under 8 bucks. The atmosphere is relaxed and the workers are very friendly. 

Go there! And get the almond chicken. 

Lunch at Beaches Cantina

Travis and I are keeping up with our new restaurant week and decided to go to Beaches in Tiffany Springs. 

I really like the decor and it has a very laid back vibe. They played Jimmy Buffet and other beachy type music. I’m not a big Jimmy fan, but I would have loved to hear some steel drums! 

     How good does that sangria look?! I’m getting it next time we go there for dinner. We got iced tea instead. 

Travis and I drink ALOT of iced tea. If there is a drink I know, it’s iced tea. I normally don’t order it at restaurants because I’m so picky about it. The first glass we got just tasted like water.

It must have been a bad batch because the second glass got much stronger. You can even see it in the color. 

We got chips and salsa to start. We got the fire roasted tomato salsa. 

     The chips were really good! You could tell they were homemade. They had some spice on it that we couldn’t figure out. It looked like pepper but didn’t taste like it. 

 Our waitress said the pineapple habanero salsa is her favorite. We plan to get that one next time. It was on one of our tacos and it was really good! Sweet and spicy! 

We got three taco plates because we couldn’t decide. 

The chicken and pineapple with a side of rice. 


The jerk chicken with a side of fries. 

And the rum and coke steak with a side of slaw. 

Both mine and Travis’ favorite was the rum and coke steak, with the jerk chicken coming in second. The steak was really tender and I liked the pineapple salsa on the jerk chicken. I liked the grilled pineapple on the chicken and pineapple, but that taco seemed to have the least amount of flavor. We liked the fries and the slaw, but not a big fan of the rice. The sauce didn’t really seem to go with the rice. The slaw had a citrus flavor to it, definitely a different kind of slaw, but very good. 

I also really liked the shirts the waitresses were wearing! Perfect for the Platte County Pirates. 

Overall, definitely a restaurant we will be going back to! 

Brunch at Kate’s Kitchen

This is mine and Travis’s last full summer week since I start volleyball try-outs and regular practices next week. We decided to take advantage of our week and try as many new restaurants as we could. 

We have seen Kate’s Kitchen over by Carlitos and wanted to try it out. They had really good reviews online so we decided to go to for brunch. 

I started with coffee. It was okay, tasted a little on the burnt side but the mugs are really cute! 

Travis and I wanted to get a cinnamon roll to compare it to Corner Cafe’s. 

Smaller than Corner Cafe’s but the perfect size for two. They use a cream cheese frosting which I really liked but Travis didn’t. The cinnamon roll itself was super soft! Overall, I liked the Kate’s cinnamon roll better, but nothing can beat Corner Cafe’s icing. 


I read that they are known for their pancakes, so that’s what I got! 

I thought the pancakes were spot on! Just the right amount of sweetness and HUGE. Also the bacon was exceptional. Very smoky flavor. I wasn’t a fan of the eggs, but I’m not really an egg person. 

The atmosphere is what really makes this place great. We had the sweetest waitress and it is family run. It’s named after the owner’s daughter Kate. You can tell there is a lot of passion put into this cafe. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and I would be curious to try their lunch menu. 

On a side note, I finally got a tattoo! 

Yes it hurt. A lot. Don’t believe people who say it doesn’t hurt. I got an S because all the females in my family have names that start with S. It’s an easy way to represent my ancestors without tattooing a million names on my body. 

Travis also got to use his birthday smoker yesterday! Delicious pulled pork! I went back for seconds, Travis went back for thirds, and we were both happy! 



Travis’ birthday is on the 20th, mine is the 21st, and our anniversary is the 23th which makes this birthiversary week! Lots of eating out and presents! 

Travis is up first. He turned 27 this year. He got a grill from me back in June so I didn’t get him another birthday present. My parents got him a smoker since our old one broke. 

We started out at corner cafe for brunch. They give you a free dessert for your birthdays so of course, he picked a cinnamon roll to go. 

Travis wanted to go out to Independence Mall to play with the puppies and I didn’t object.    


We played with a mini lab! So cute, but very hyper. She chewed on everything. 


After that, we went to Jack Stack for some BBQ. I got the strawberry shandy and Travis got a boulevard. We also got onion rings and fried mushrooms as an appetizer. 

We spilt the roundup. It has ribs, brisket, ham, and pork, along with coleslaw, baked beans, and fries. 

     So much food! The ribs and baked beans where probably my favorite thing. However, I will say that Jack Stack is not my favorite KC BBQ place. The sauce just tastes average to me and I brisket (my normal favorite BBQ meat) seemed chewy. 

My sweet grandma made Travis and me a different birthday cake. Travis got marble and I got yellow with chocolate frosting. 

I had a less exciting 26th birthday this year filled with volleyball camps. We hosted our freshmen camp in the morning and middle school camp in the afternoon. Travis did come up to Platte City to have lunch with me though! We went to Pizza Shoppe. 

 For dinner, I asked Travis to grill out hamburgers for me! We also had Mac and cheese and potato salad. We also made some yummy homemade ice cream with my favorite cake, cookie cake! 

   Travis surprised me with beautiful flowers! He also got me an immersion blender, new shoes and Yahtzee! We played all night! 

For our anniversary, we went to Cooper’s Hawk on the Plaza. They have some of my favorite wine (house white). 

They have really good pork pot belly toastadas. 

I got the Cooper’s Hawk chicken giardiniera. 

We walked around the plaza after dinner because it was such a beautiful night! 

 Birthdays 26 and 27, and anniversary 4 were a success! Beyond thankful for my sweetie to celebrate with me! 

Lunch at Longboards

Travis and I decided to try out a new place for lunch today. We went to longboards off of North Oak. It got great reviews online, so we thought we would try it out! 

It has surfer decor, very laid back vibe! 


I got the Smoked Woody, a wrap served cold. 


Yum! It was really good! The pork was tender and all the ingredients tasted so good together. 

Travis got the daily special, the chipotle killer. It had chili, chicken, rice, chipotle sauce, jalapeƱos, pepper Jack cheese, and gauc.  And it was HUGE. 


His was also really good! It had some spice to it. Next time, I will make sure to get a grilled wrap because I really liked how good the crunch was!

I also got a side of hummus and pita. There hummus was not my favorite, it had an herby taste to it that didn’t really mesh with me. But it wasn’t awful. 

Overall, definitely a place we will go back to! Very fresh tasting and great atmosphere!